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Data Protection Provisions of

     1. General

1.1. The somahosting service is an offer by somahosting LTD, Augustinerplatz 2, 79098 Freiburg i.Br.. For further information, please refer to our imprint.

2. Your personal data

2.1. We exclusively use your personal data for the implementation of our services as agreed upon by contract. We will in no event inform third parties about your personal data for advertising or marketing purposes or otherwise disclose them to third parties.

2.2. Our employees are obliged to keep personal data confidential. Such data will only be disclosed to third parties if this is necessary for the performance of the contract. If we have to disclose data to third parties for such purpose, we will only do so subject to the condition that they undertake towards us by contract to protect your data.

2.3 However, we are entitled to disclose your serviceable address and the used IP address to affected recipients of a mailing if you have breached the obligation to include an imprint as agreed upon in detail in the contract or our General Terms and Conditions.

3. Contents of mailings

In accordance with the contract provisions and the contents of our General Terms and Conditions for somahosting, we receive a copy of each mailing in order to carry out checks for violations of the law for special reasons or at random. Such copies are deleted with us within 90 days from their receipt.

4. Cookies

4.1 Following your login (with user name and password), we will use cookies.

4.2 Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and used by several million websites in order to identify regular visitors. Cookies created by us do not contain any personal information about the users but only a code that does not have any meaning outside our services. Such cookies enable us to analyse how you use the websites. Thus, we can exactly adapt the contents of the sites to your requirements. Furthermore, the cookies enable us to measure the effectiveness of a particular advertisement and control its publication accordingly so that it is, for instance, placed depending on the thematic interests of the users.

4.3 You may disable the storage of cookies via the security settings of your browser.

5. Log files

5.1 Upon each access by a user to our sites and each call of a file, data on such process are stored in a log file. Such storage exclusively serves for internal system-related and statistical purposes. Furthermore, the storage of the IP address upon the sending of mailings serves for the prevention of abuse. In detail, the following data record is stored upon each call:

- your IP address (by which your computer can unambiguously be identified),

- the remote host (name and IP address of the computer calling the site),

- the time, status, transmitted data volume and the website from where you got to the called site (referrer), and

- the product and version information of the used browser (user agent).

These statistical raw data are deleted after 90 days.

5.2 Thus, we get to know, for instance, on which days and at which times the offers of the website are particularly popular and how much data volume is created on such. Furthermore, the log files enable us to identify potential errors, e.g. defective links or programme faults and thus to use the log files for further developing the websites. We do not link the website calls and uses stored in the server log to individual persons. A link is only created when storing the IP address upon the sending of mailings for the prevention of abuse.

6. Data security

All of our data that are located on our servers are protected against access by unauthorised persons by security systems connected in series. Our employees and system service providers regularly review the effectiveness of such protection.

7. Availability of the data protection provisions

You can view and print these data protection provisions on any page of the websites under the “Data protection” link.